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Pet Tips and Training

What kind of tips do you need?

The SPCA of Texas has a wide variety of information to help you care for your pet, keep them safe and improve your lives together. Browse through our library of topics or use the search function to search for a specific resource or need.

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Resource Library

Getting Started 
Basic Obedience Training for Dogs 
Finding Your Pet The Right Trainer
How to Get Your Dog to Behave 
Inside or Outside Dog? 
Socializing Your Dog 
Puppy Socialization and Development 
Leash Walking Equipment 
Fear Free Happy Homes – New Pet Library 
Reading Dog Body Language
Recommended Reading for Dog Lovers

Basic Skills
Crate Training 
Muzzle Training 
Leave It 
Drop It & Give 
Relax on a Mat 
Wait (Impulse Control)
Teaching the Collar Grab
Teaching Your Dog to Walk on a Leash
Desensitizing the Dog to the Leash
Loose Leash Walking 
How to Collect Video of your Pet
Teaching A Dog to Target Your Hand
Teaching An Eye Contact Cue

Housetraining Your Adult Dog or Puppy
Urine Marking – Dogs 
Cleaning Pet Stains and Odors 
Submissive and Excitement Urination 

Games and Enrichment 
Find It 
Hide and Seek 
Treat Retreat for Pet Owners
Brain Games – for fearful and reactive dogs 
Choosing the Right Dog Toys 
KONG Stuffing Recipes 

Common Problems 
Destructive Chewing in Dogs / (ESPAÑOL) 
Running Away & Not Coming When Called 
Constant Barking 
Jumping on People 
Puppy Behavior – Nipping and Biting / (ESPAÑOL) 
Escape Artists 
How Not to Greet a Dog   

Children and Dogs 
Children and Dogs Together 
Helping Kids Avoid Dog Bites 
Pets and Your New Baby 
How Kids SHOULD Interact with Dogs 
How Kids SHOULD NOT Interact with Dogs 
How NOT to Greet a Dog 
The Road to a Dog Bite 

Dogs and Other Dogs
Dog to Dog Introductions 
Dog Parks 
Dog Reactivity 
Walking your Reactive Dog 
Canine Rivalry (Dog Aggression) 

Stress and Anxiety 
Identifying Separation Anxiety 
Preventing Separation Anxiety 
Managing Separation Anxiety 
Canine Calming Signals 
How to Calm Your Anxious Dog 
Fear Free Homes – Fear & Anxiety Library 
Stress Signs in Dogs 

Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs 
Managing Fear & Aggression With House Guests 
Understanding Dog to Dog Aggression 
Resource Guarding 
Aggression, ASPCA 

Fearful Dogs / (ESPAÑOL) 
Adopting a Former Puppy Mill Dog 
Caring for a Fearful Dog
Fear of People 
Fear of Thunder and Loud Noises 

Assistance Dogs 
Types of Assistance Dogs 
Selecting an Assistance Dog 
ADA Requirement for Service Animals 
Assistance Dogs International (service dogs) 
Pet Partners (therapy animals) 
Service Animals & Emotional Support Animals, ADA National Network 

Leave it: Teach Your Dog to Leave It | The Battersea Way 

Leash Reactivity: How To Deal With Lead Frustration | The Battersea Way 

Dog to dog intros (on leash): Introducing Your Dog To Other Dogs On Walks | The Battersea Way 

Managing in-home ‘stranger danger’: Stranger Issues in Dogs | The Battersea Way 

Settling Your New Dog : Settling In Your New Puppy or Dog | The Battersea Way 

House Training Tips: Toilet Training Your Puppy or Dog | The Battersea Way 

Crate Training Tips: How to Crate Train Your Puppy or Dog | The Battersea Way 

Basic Resource Guarding Tips: Resource Guarding | The Battersea Way 

Tips for Barking: How to Teach Your Dog Not to Bark | The Battersea Way 

Working on jumping up: How to Stop Your Puppy or Dog Jumping Up | The Battersea Way 

Loose Leash Walking: How to Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead | The Battersea Way 

Managing Puppy Biting: How to Stop Your Puppy Mouthing | The Battersea Way 

Teaching ‘touch’: Teach Your Dog a Nose Touch | The Battersea Way 

Dealing with Fireworks/Loud noises: Help Your Dog Deal with Fireworks & Loud Noises | The Battersea Way 

Teaching ‘Stay’: How to Teach Your Dog to Stay | The Battersea Way 

How to Trim Nails/Touch Sensitivity: Dog Nail Clipping Doesn’t Have To Be STRESSFUL… 

Teaching fearful dogs to wear a leash 

How to Give your Dog a Pill Using the Multiple Meatball Method 

Muzzle Training Your Dog | The Battersea Way 

Gentle Leader Conditioning: Teach your dog to love wearing a head halter