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Don’t Kit-nap! We have kitten resources to help.

The SPCA of Texas is proud to partner with the DFW Kitten Network to save the lives of area kittens and cats. Together, we’ve put together a helpful resource on what to do if you find kittens in your neighborhood. You can download the full resource here or scroll down to see specific sections.



About Kit-Napping

Don’t kit-nap kittens!

DFW Kitten Network

A partnership between local animal shelters and rescue groups, the DFW Kitten Network helps to save the lives of area kittens.

Kitten Network Guide

Through our partnerships, we’ve created a handy guide to help you help kittens & cats in your community.

Kitten Video Tips

Use this instructional video library to learn all about caring for small kittens and cats.

Help Kittens at the SPCA of Texas

You can provide necessary items to make sure our kittens receive all the love, cuddles, and care they need to become outstanding cats by purchasing items off of our wishlists.