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How to help adult cats in your community.

Did you know that over 50% of cat owners allow their cats to roam freely outdoors? A cat taken to a shelter has less than a 2% chance of being reunited with its owner. There are several ways you can help the cats in your neighborhood!

Your community, their home.

Many cats you see roaming in your neighborhood may have an owner who lets them roam free. Other cats do not have an owner but could be supported by caring neighbors. Here are tips for how to tell the difference and the right steps to take so you and your community’s cats can live in harmony.

Tipped ears are a universal sign that a cat has already been spayed or neutered as part of a local trap-neuter-return program.

Work with your neighbors to help community cats be healthy, plus prevent unwanted problems associated with mating like unwanted litters, fighting and yowling. Become involved with our Trap, Neuter & Return program to control the population of free, roaming cats and prevent kittens from being born outdoors.

If everyone in our community ensured their neighborhood’s cats were spayed and neutered, it would save thousands of lives by decreasing kitten intake into local shelters. Learn more and get involved with our Trap, Neuter & Return program. It’s easy and saves lives!

One way to make sure cats on your street are welcomed by everyone is to keep a clean feeding area. A normal feeding time in the morning or evening allows you to feed and remove the dishes and plates. Discreetly hide water bowls where they are accessible all day long. Fun tip: use tortillas as your “dishes,” which will ensure no mess is left behind.

You can provide safe, warm winter housing for your community cats by either purchasing a shelter or creating one yourself.

Tips for Feral Cat Winter Shelter



Give cats and kittens a break from the shelter environment by opening your home and fostering.

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Provide socialization, love and enrichment in the shelter for cats and kittens when you volunteer.

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Make a financial contribution to provide direct assistance to the SPCA of Texas’ Cat Resource Program.

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