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Board of Directors

Dr. Rachel Neese

Lead Veterinarian, CityVet Oak Lawn

Rachel Neese, DVM, is a lead veterinarian at CityVet – Oak Lawn. She has been in practice at the same location since 2014, when she graduated from Oklahoma State University. The mission of Dr. Neese’s practice is to provide quality medicine for the patients, while also serving their owners with compassion and respect.

Dr. Neese has never turned an animal away due to lack of finances. She and her team treat all animals that walk through the doors, from dogs and cats to goats and monkeys. They work with many animal rescues that otherwise would not have timely treatment or options. For Dr. Neese, being a veterinarian is a calling to do something better than yourself by helping those that have no voice.

Dr. Neese has five dogs and one horse at home. All her dogs have been adopted from various rescues or are abandoned animals she brought home from work.