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Yam arrived in awful shape. He came to our Equine and Livestock team in February of 2022 as a suspected vehicular hit and run victim.

We rushed Yam into treatment, as he was unable to put even the slightest amount of pressure on his front left leg due to the amount of trauma his body had suffered. He spent his initial week lying down in a stall receiving lots of TLC (mainly in the form of treats and extra attention).

As soon as Yam was able to muster enough strength to stand, we immediately contacted Dr. Claunch at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital to assist in the rehabilitation of this sweet gelding.

Through the combined efforts of Dr. Claunch and our Equine and Livestock team, Yam made a seemingly miraculous recovery. He made so much progress that he was all too soon ready for adoption.

Today, Yam is in his forever home, living his best life, and almost 100% sound with the potential to do light riding in the future. He now spends his days alongside a mini horse and a mini donkey, and they never leave Yam’s side!

Yam is a true example of the amazing efforts our incredible staff and volunteers make for each and every animal that stepped through our doors.