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Stella's Legacy of Love

In the language of kitten love, Stella is a symphony of purrs and biscuits, a testament to boundless affection. Her heart overflows with love, and whether awake or in the land of dreams, she’s always eager to share her warmth. Stella’s unique charm shone through from the moment she graced our lives, having come in as a stray. Although half the size she should have been for her age and a tad wobbly, we soon discovered why she was just a little different—she had a neurological condition.

Yet, those wobbles only endeared her to our staff members and their families, who lovingly nurtured her into a strong, resilient soul. Stella’s remarkable journey found its heartwarming conclusion when she discovered her forever home with her foster mom, who adores her beyond measure.

Fostering is a vital pillar in our mission to care for our precious animals. Some of them simply need a little extra Tender Loving Care, while others thrive better outside the shelter environment. And, what’s truly heartwarming is that many foster parents, once they hold these fur babies, just can’t let them go. We provide all the supplies needed to care for a foster animal in your home, ensuring it’s a seamless experience.

Whether you can foster for a few hours as a Borrow a Buddy or commit to months of specialized care in our Fospice program, there’s a fostering opportunity for everyone. Remember, every moment these animals spend in a loving home yields valuable insights that help us find their perfect forever families, creating a world where every tail wags in happiness.