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Rescued Wanderer Finds Forever Happiness - Ghost's Story

This big, handsome boy, once a hungry stray, was discovered as a lone soul in the heart of Ellis County. He must have felt so alone and helpless. But thankfully the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office brought him to the SPCA of Texas, and his new life began.

Weighing in at nearly 75 pounds, he arrived in our care brimming with boundless energy. Our devoted behavior and medical teams embarked on a journey to heal his body, nurture his spirit, help him learn how to be a dog, and teach him the art of a leash walk. After a few months, the limp that burdened him when he first arrived was gone, and he thrived in the company of larger, high-energy canine playmates.

Soon, he was ready for adoption. It was then that something truly magical happened. He found the jackpot of forever homes, guided by the gentle hand of a compassionate staff member who simply couldn’t resist his charm. They were seasoned Shepherd owners, and they understood the challenges of welcoming a big, active dog into their lives. A short fostering period served as a trial run, ensuring that all the tails in the household wagged in harmony. And, just like that, he became an integral part of their family.

“We adopted Ghost, previously Sven, in Sept. of 2022 after he was at the shelter for 8 months. When we first got him home, he would eat his food like it was the last meal he was ever going to get. But he now knows that his life will be full of all the food (in moderation of course), love and belly rubs that he could ever want. He makes us laugh daily and has a personality that’s as big as he is. He’s absolutely obsessed with his German Shepherd brother, Cooper, and it makes my heart melt every time he looks at me with those multi-colored eyes. He’s in his fur-ever home and he knows it!” 

How’s that for a love story ending?