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February 13, 2023

FAQs: Protecting Vulnerable Animals in Dallas and Beyond

The SPCA of Texas no longer directly provides animal cruelty services to the City of Dallas or the Dallas Police Department (DPD). We’d like to share some context to this shift in our approach as we make our services available to other cities and counties in need across North Texas.

The City of Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States. With that population comes a significant amount of city services, including police, code compliance and animal services. These services are funded by the community’s tax dollars.

For example, DPD’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit employs three full-time detectives and one full-time lieutenant to meet the needs of nearly 1.3 million Dallas residents. From 2018 until October 2022, the SPCA of Texas worked alongside DPD in training these officers and assisting with animal cruelty investigations. We continue to offer support to them as requested.

Learn more about our work with DPD.

The remaining 1.665 million residents of Dallas, Ellis, Van Zandt, and Hunt counties do not have a single tax-paid animal cruelty officer in their police or sheriff’s departments. All animals deserve the highest quality of care, regardless of location and resources available in a particular zip code, city or county.

As a nonprofit animal welfare organization, the SPCA of Texas has a team of three full-time investigators that provides expertise to protect and care for North Texas’ most vulnerable animals. When evaluating how we could best animals in our region, we chose to deliver our services free of charge for communities that would otherwise have absolutely no options for bringing animal abusers to justice.

Learn more about where and how we work.

Operation Kindness has offered to provide services to the City of Dallas and its existing team of four full-time Animal Cruelty Investigators on the Dallas Police Department. We applaud their commitment to our shared focus on protecting as many animals as possible.

Collaboration between animal welfare and human services organizations is paramount to creating a safer and more humane North Texas for pets and their people. Working together – rather than concentrating services in a single geographic area – enables more communities to be served, and more animals will receive the care and support they deserve.

The SPCA of Texas is proud continue offering our expert animal cruelty investigations and support to the communities right outside those city limits where absolutely no other options exist.

Learn more about our Animal Cruelty Investigations work.