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Ella was surrendered by her owner in December of 2017 when they moved and were not able to take her with them. As sad as situations are for the humans to give up their friends, the animals feel the trauma of losing a family as well. To learn to trust people again takes a village of staff and volunteers providing medical and behavioral care as well as lots of love to get them ready for a new home.

Ella had the additional challenge of navigating shelter life as a deaf dog. Over time, she has learned some signs, making it easier to communicate with her in a way she understands.

It took a few months, but Ella was adopted at the end of March 2018. Later, she was surrendered again for not getting along with a small dog that was already in the home. The family was devastated that they had to return her to out care, but sometimes hard decisions need to be made for the safety of everyone in the home. We always welcome back dogs we have placed in homes.

Ella is now in a trail adoption with one of our amazing volunteers who knew her from her second stay with us. She is now living her dream with three Bulldog siblings and a family of humans who love her. They are planning on officially adopting her very soon!

Happy Homes, Ella!