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Apollo's Tale of Resilience and Forever Love

Apollo’s journey from cruelty to kindness is a cherished chapter in the story of the SPCA of Texas. He’s not just any former resident; he’s a beloved household name, a testament to the power of love and resilience.

Apollo’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. Known for his exceptionally charming ears, Apollo was a frequent winner in the “best ears” competition, a title celebrated by the entire staff. But Apollo’s journey began just before the era of Covid, when he was rescued by our dedicated ACI team as part of a complex case. He was heartworm positive and a little reserved, but medical and behavioral care as well as love transformed him.

A devoted volunteer, who was working from home during the lockdown, opened their heart and home to foster Apollo. Apollo, a gentle and bashful soul, has an undeniable affection for cuddling on the couch. Why? Because it’s the pathway to his favorite thing in the world – a cozy nap! As the world gradually reopened, a collective effort emerged to introduce his sweet face to the public and find him a loving home. Time flew by and for a long while, it was just Apollo and his foster.

But after spending more than 1000 days under the care of the SPCA of Texas, he found his true family. His foster dad, the person who’d been his rock for three unforgettable years, took the plunge and adopted him. They’d weathered the storm of a pandemic together, and when the possibility of another adopter arose, Apollo’s dad simply couldn’t bear to part with him.

In the end, it was Apollo’s foster dad who stepped in to make their bond official, sealing a heartwarming tale of unbreakable love and devotion.
Ah, true love!