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Board of Directors

Jan Rees-Jones (Non-Voting)

Co-Founder, The Rees-Jones Foundation

Since co-founding The Rees-Jones Foundation in 2006 with her husband Trevor, Jan Rees-Jones has poured time, energy and resources into improving the lives of animals in North Texas.

In fact, SPCA of Texas was one of the first organizations to benefit from The Rees-Jones Foundation. After Jan and Trevor saw a heart-tugging story about the SPCA of Texas’ struggles to meet the demand for animal welfare services, they picked up the phone and asked how they could help. They participated in the capital campaign, helping the SPCA of Texas expand its ability to provide high-quality care and assistance for thousands of animals in North Texas.

In addition to promoting the humane treatment of animals, The Rees-Jones Foundation focuses on helping children who suffer from abuse or neglect, face mental health challenges and other disabilities, or who could benefit from opportunities for enrichment and character development.

Through her work with The Rees-Jones Foundation, Jan feels blessed to be able to pursue with Trevor their personal mission of “serving God by serving others.”

Faith and family are at the top of Jan’s list of priorities. Jan and Trevor are privileged to spend a lot of time with their sons Trevor and David and their wives Jenny and Margaret, respectively – all of whom graduated from TCU. They all are actively involved in the family’s ongoing work through The Rees-Jones Foundation, where Jenny and Margaret serve on the staff. Jan is a member of Highland Park Presbyterian Church, where she has served in several board positions and actively participates in women’s Bible studies.

Jan grew up in Richardson and graduated from Texas Tech University, where she currently serves as co-chair of the National Advisory Board for the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

In her free time, Jan enjoys spending time with family and friends, flying (she recently achieved her dream of earning a pilot’s license), and loving on her three dogs, two of whom were rescued through the SPCA of Texas.

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